Metal-Framework Partials

A stronger and more comfortable fitting partial than an acrylic one, it anchors to your natural teeth instead of resting on your tissues. The option requires more fabrication time but in the long run you may be more comfortable with this choice.

Metal framework partials are based on a precision cast, metal frame.  The metal most often used is a very hard chrome/cobalt alloy that allows the framework to be very thin resulting in comfort without the worry of breakage.

This frame fits into grooves or “rest seats” that your dentist has modified in your natural teeth, resulting in better support than an acrylic partial.

There are numerous designs for these partials depending on the location and number of your existing teeth, their angles, and the support they need.

Part of this design incorporates clasping. Clasps are there to utilize the undercuts in your teeth, allowing for maximum retention of the partial denture.  They are also placed to off-set forces placed on your existing teeth from other parts of the framework.  If these forces are not addressed, the partial may cause damage to your remaining teeth and we want to keep these healthy!  Sometime these clasps are not placed in an ideal aesthetic area and the metal shows. Hopefully, your smile and vanity can handle a little flash for the existing teeth to be maintained and the stability of the partial.