Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partials are considered temporary partials, primarily made to replace recently extracted teeth or protect a newly placed implant.

Acrylic partials are made entirely of acrylic unlike the metal-framework partials, although they often have metal clasps to aid in retention.  These partials are thicker than a metal partial due to the superior strength issues of metal over acrylic.

Acrylic partials do have their place and can be more accommodating than a metal-framework partial.  If finances are a concern, acrylic partials cost less.  It is easier to add additional teeth to an acrylic partial if there’s a possibility of losing other teeth. Looking at a five-year plan for your teeth can often help you decide the best route for you to take. Likewise, if you need a partial ASAP to fill an unwanted gap, acrylic partials can be fabricated relatively quickly and get you smiling again.

Acrylic partials are more prone to breaking. Mending broken acrylic partials is a straight forward procedure (providing you haven’t attempted the repair yourself) and they make a great backup for those must have situations.