Denture Exams & Maintenance

A Denture sitting on top of paper formsYour dentures are an investment and require care and attention to maintain their optimum performance. The fit of your dentures can have a profound effect on the health of your oral tissues as well as their comfort. The wear pattern on the occlusal surface of the teeth in your denture will impact their function and your chewing ability. An annual examination by our Denturist Jeff will help ensure your getting the most our of your denture.

Medical and Dental History Update

Updating your medical and dental history with any significant changes is critical to maintaining your oral health and well-being. A variety of medical and dental conditions can effect the way you wear your dentures/partials and the health of your tissues and remaining teeth.  If we are aware of the changes that have occurred or are in the foreseeable future, we might be able to assist you in advance to address any anticipated problems.

Annual Oral Exam

Often denture wearers believe that since their teeth are gone, they no longer need to see their dentist. Annual examinations can assist in detecting oral abnormalities including cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions as well as other medical conditions. Early detection of these conditions is generally beneficial for treatment.  Although we are not able to diagnose these conditions, if we see anything abnormal, we will refer you to your dentist or other healthcare provider, but consider visiting them yourself for a quick checkup. At our exams, we also check for ill-fitting dentures and the issues they may cause. Your oral health is important for the rest of your good health! 

Comfort, Fit, and Integrity of Dentures

Bite problems, speech impediments and tissue irritations can be caused by an ill-fitting denture and  remedied, in some instances, a short visit.  Leaving this condition unchecked can lead to complicated situations in the future and a faster breakdown of the integrity of your dentures. Along with the fit, Jeff can assess your dentures for cracks, chips, and broken or loose teeth that may cause problems in the future.  By addressing the issues before they happen, we hope to avoid those embarrassing moments that happen at just the worst times!

Denture Exam Overview

  • Update of medical and dental history chart
  • An examination of your oral cavity
  • Tissue and bone assessment
  • Denture stability and bite examination
  • Oral hygiene review