New Dentures

Conventional dentures are often replacement for a pair of worn dentures but may also be fabricated after you’ve healed from extractions.

Our goal is to make custom dentures suited just for you.  Let us take you through the process.


Your consultation is a time for us to get to know a little about you.  It is a great opportunity to tell us what you do and don’t like about your current dentures and to bring in pictures of your former natural smile.  We can explore the shade of tooth you are hoping for and your expectations for your new denture(s).

Diagnostic Impression

This is a “rough draft” of your mouth and tissues usually taken with an alginate material using the metal trays we have here at our office.  It gives Jeff a model of the shape of your ridges and helps him design a custom tray for any unique anomalies.

Custom Tray

This tray is made from your diagnostic impressions, specifically designed to fit every little nook and cranny of your mouth to get the most accurate of impressions.  “Master models” are then fabricated for your new dentures. The fit of your denture depends on the quality of this impression and materials used.  If there are distortions noticed, we may ask to take a second one. Ask if you would like to see yours.  They can be very interesting to see! 

Bite Registration

Be prepared for a mouth full of wax as every conceivable measurement is taken during this visit.

If you didn’t bring them earlier, this is a great time to show us pictures of you smiling with your natural teeth (preferably early to mid twenties) or your favorite set of past dentures. We do your best to approximating that smile.

Jeff will go through several phonetic tests.  He’ll check to see if your teeth click when you talk. Look to see that your lips touch when your teeth are closed, this avoids horse face.

This visit usually takes a little longer, so plan accordingly.

Wax Try-In

This is the moment of truth where we see exactly what the denture will look like. They may be set in wax, but the teeth are in the same position they will be in when we process your new dentures.

This is the time for any “tweaks” or imperfections that you may want. Would you like a small twist or a little diastema? While the dentures are in wax, changes and modifications can be made. We can even make these changes chairside so you can have immediate feedback! Do you show too much tooth or gum when you smile?  Are the teeth too white giving that “neon” look?  Not everyone wants that “perfect Hollywood” smile.  

Once you like your new set-up, you may take your dentures home for a brief time to check with other family members or significant others.  When you like what you see, we will then process your dentures. 


Picking Up Your New Dentures

With new dentures, keep in mind that that is exactly what they are – new. They’ll feel different; chewing will be different as well as speech.

My instructor from school used to always say, “New dentures are like a new pair of running shoes. You’re not going to go out and run a marathon in new shoes. You need to break them in slowly.”

Same goes for new dentures.  Don’t expect to go out and tear into that big steak right away.   You’ll only antagonize all those tissues and bone structures that have been in the old dentures for so many years.  These new dentures are now seated properly, and are contacting all the tissues that are not used to being contacted.  Be Gentle!!

Jeff will make initial adjustments at the time we seat your new dentures and then we will follow-up with you the next day to make any additional adjustments necessary. You are always welcome to call with questions or concerns.  We want you to have comfortable and well-function dentures and to look great too!