Why See a Denturist?

Choosing a Denturist means choosing a licensed professional who solely specializes in the fabrication, insertion and adjustment of removable appliances. They work side by side with you through all the steps required to produce a denture or partial that is comfortable to wear, functions properly and looks nice too!  Our dentures are made here on-site in our own dental laboratory by the same denturist that sees you chairside.

Denturists are part of your health care team.  You can come see us directly without a referral, but we work closely with dentist and oral surgeons in the area to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for you.  Denturist specialize in the replacement of a patient’s missing natural teeth using removable devices such as complete dentures for edentulous patients, partial dentures to replace 1 or more teeth and implant supported dentures and partials.  We can also help protect your remaining natural teeth through the making of “bruxism” devices or nightguards, especially designed for those who are heavy grinders or clenchers at night while they sleep.

Extensive training and experience give Denturists a unique understanding of restoring the dynamics of a smile and healthy mouth with the creation of tooth prostheses.  Many denturist were dental technicians prior to continuing their education in a denturist specific education program allowing them to combine past experience in denture fabrication with the clinical skills of working directly with you, the patient.  The State of Washington Department of Health requires both a rigorous written exam and comprehensive board practical before awarding them a license.

While in our care, we will custom design and personalize each denture or partial to fit your individual needs.  We offer a safe and secure environment where you can share your vision and concerns regarding the making of your new denture. We would be honored to serve you.

As a denturist office, our treatment can literally redesign your smile with a number of different services including

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